Vacuum system Harmony E2

The best model of the active vacuum leg prosthesis is Harmony E2. The Harmony system provides the adhesion between the stump and the socket with the vacuum system, providing the user with a good degree of prosthesis control and comfort.

The active vacuum produced by the electronic Harmony E2 pump not only ensures high adhesion in the socket but also regulates volume changes in the stump. Besides, the vacuum formed inside the socket eliminates friction and prevents possible irritation to the skin. The electronic Harmony E2 pump, which is suitable for both below-the-knee and above-the-knee users, is very light and runs quietly.

The E2 pump automatically adjusts itself in every vacuum cycle, providing a perfect connection. The walk takes place smoothly, comfortably, and reassuringly. Vacuuming continues to operate passively even when the pump is removed for charging.