Prosthetic Leg


The loss of the lower limb will affect the mobility of the body. Özgür Irmak prosthetic & orthotics clinics will help you maintain mobility by designing our socket system with the latest technology products of leading brands suitable for our patients. We collaborate with you and the healthcare team to create a custom prosthesis that will help you achieve your goals. The prosthetic leg is needed to restore mobility after amputation. When the residual limb is ready for prosthesis after amputation, stump measurements are made and we create a customized prosthetic leg for you. After your prosthetic leg is attached, we follow the adaptation process together and help you walk.

What is a prosthetic leg?

After amputation, the usage of the prosthetic leg will make you will feel better and return to your social life quickly. The prosthetic leg will allow you to continue easily in your work life, social life, and education by using minimal energy.
The prosthetic leg consists of materials like socket, silicone, vacuum, which may vary according to the patient’s amputation condition like above knee or below the knee, etc.
As you use the prosthetic leg, prostheses will be able to work in a way that almost perfectly resembles the real limb and you will start to adapt very quickly. Different applications are made to each patient according to amputation such as below-knee prosthetic leg, knee disarticulation prosthetic leg, above-knee prosthetic leg, hip disarticulation prosthetic leg. After a detailed evaluation of the patient, it is determined the type the prosthetic leg application.

Heels are indispensable for every lady and make women feel better. Women who are amputated wear adjustable prosthetic feet with high heels.


When the residual limb is ready we take the measures to determine the socket dimensions and then decide the type of prosthesis appropriate for you. After your prosthetic leg is made, walking training is given in our center.

Prosthetic leg prices

Prices vary according to the patient’s condition and which type of prosthetic leg is going to use. We need to evaluate the patient to determine the type of prosthesis.

Prosthetic leg types

• Silicone liner below-knee leg prosthesis
• Active vacuum knee leg prosthesis
• Microprocessor-controlled Lower Limb Prosthesis
• Knee disarticulation leg prosthesis
• Above knee leg prosthesis

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