Why is Temporary Prosthesis made after amputation?

Immediately after the operation will be your recovery and of your remaining limb. Both are very important for you to start rehabilitation as soon as possible and attach a prosthesis. Temporary prostheses can be used immediately after surgery or as soon as the wound heals.

Post-operative edema is the main problem to deal with. The dressings, bandages and temporary prosthesesapplied during this period are for controlling edema. In stubborn edema, besides medical support, resting the stump above the heart level, Elastic bandage, Compressive bandage, Silicone liner applied by the expert therapist are recommended.

Elastic bandage application is the traditional method used in edema treatment.

Elastic bandage application is firstly applied by healthcare personnel in Özgur Irmak Prosthesis and Orthotic Clinic, and then they are taught and transferred to the patient or relatives.

Temporary prostheses provide more effective stump shape after elastic bandage. At the same time, the user gets used to the prosthesis and takes the final shape in the stump socket.

Custom made Prosthesis in Ozgur Irmak Prosthetics and Orthotic clinic, allows early walking. Most elderly patients can safely step using their temporary prosthesis and crutches. Some people may return to work with these prostheses. The process of using temporary prosthetics for amputated people provides a positive motivation.

The application of the temporary prosthesis after the amputation enables the evaluation of the questions that can be seen in the permanent prosthesis. If an individual has phantom pain, it helps them pass faster.