In Özgür Irmak PROSTHETICS and ORTHOTIC Clinic, we regularly apply personalized leg prosthesis applications like Mauch Knee for above knee amputes.

Mauch Knee is a uniaxial hydraulic knee joint designed for highly active users and able to withstand unpredictable conditions and is suitable for highly active users.

The Mauch Knee system is designed to provide variable hydraulic resistance to flexing and extension during the swing phase due to changes in the walking speed of the user.

Active lifestyles require prosthetics that can keep pace, so you can get your freedom with our customized Prosthetic Leg applications in Özgür Irmak Prosthesis and Orthosis Clinics.

Experience the features of a natural directory with Mauch Knee. Whether you are doing sports or walking on various terrains, it constantly provides a less strenuous and more controlled natural movement. It also makes a real difference on the stairs. Reliable and robust enough for energetic tasks, this daily knee looks smart and performs well. Mauch Knee is a knee joint suitable for users with a maximum body weight of 136kg.

For which individuals is it suitable?

  • Users with the ability or potential to walk at different speeds.
  • Users who can detect and actively control knee stability under changing conditions
  • Those who are looking for a reliable knee to enjoy an active lifestyle.
  • Users interested in advanced performance functions, such as natural staircase and ramp landing, running and / or cycling



  • Swing and Posture Control (SNS®) uniaxial hydraulic knee system
  • Designed for very fast ambulation
  • Durable and safe movement
  • Extremely durable aluminum frame
  • Roller bearings and roller joints on the knee axis for smooth movement
  • Fluent posture control
  • Mode selector switch allows manual locking and free swing functions
  • Smooth profile helps cosmetic finishing
  • Low Swing Resistance kits and High Stop Resistance kits are also available