Success Therapy Chair

It gives a safe and comfortable session to the user with its high-quality engine and mechanism and is operated with a hand control unit.

Stylea Therapy Chair

The chair, which can have vertical/horizontal positions with a stylea single-engine, is equipped with a 3-roll cushion, backrest, and independent foot extension, providing full support to the lumbar region and the legs.

Derby Therapy Chair

Derby is an extremely comfortable chair. Thanks to its modern design, you can use it in the bedroom or the living room. It has the same massage features as the Success model.

Derby is a single-engine chair. It is used with 24 V low voltage control, which also includes massage functions.

Mantana Therapy Chair

Unique and special design Montana gives the environment a modern and beautiful appearance. It is a single-engine and has a recline button.

Classic Therapy Chair

Classic, which is comfortable and easy to use, is equipped with the latest technology innovations. It provides a safe transfer from the sitting to its vertical position, thus ensuring a safe transfer. It is single-engine and operates with 24 V.

Prestige Therapy Chair

The ultimate in comfort: The backrest of the prestige chair is designed with 3 roll pillows and equipped with a zippered cover. The easy-to-clean cover is the only motorized seat that offers high-quality hygiene to the user.

Primea Therapy Chair

This elegant and modern backrest-supported carrying chair and back-leaning seat are a true classic.
Its traditional design provides back and busts support and the highest level of comfort thanks to the wing-shaped borders of the backrest. There is a handset pocket on the right arm side. Primea’s carrying function allows you to stand up easily and safely and relax your body in a semi-horizontal position.

Backlift De Luxe Therapy Chair

The backrest of the seat is designed with a special pillow and equipped with a zippered cover. The easy-to-clean case provides the user with high-quality hygiene. There are pockets on the right and left side of the seat to hide magazines or hand control mouse. BACKLIFT DE LUXE seats are operated with a single-engine and are adjusted by hand control and delivered with a 24-volt remote control.