12.70N 4LIFE

The compact frame and aluminum carrying handle. Seat support and variable tension rear padded back. The adjustable back can be folded forward to save space during transport, tilt up to 12 °, and up to 8 cm + up. The adjustable seat first lay at depths of 6 + cm and up to 12 °. Height adjustable and removable composite materials, Fianchetti parcels. Calf support padded height and angle adjustable footrest duralumin. 100 puncture Ø front wheels with forks rinsing with diameter change holes of the front wheels; Ø rear wheels 600 light alloy, seat rear wheel support pneumatic quick side structure removal for depth change. Optional convergence and variation of the 0 ° to 8 ° camber system. Adjustable seat 44 to 50 cm height with tilt from 4 ° + 14 °. It can be used with sessions. 40 42 4446 4850 52 385456cm

Maximum capacity of 140 Kg. The design is registered.

Standard foldable steel wheelchair This wheelchair, which is made of steel, is a standard model, it is a product that can be removed and folded with foot supports.

Foldable “Deluxe” wheelchair with chrome steel body This wheelchair, which provides confidence with its steel body, is a product that can be folded out and the coffee tables are removable. This product, which can be easily taken under the car or the bed, does not take up much space, but it also provides extra comfort with its composite rim and lift feet.

Foldable transfer chair with aluminum body This product, which is one of our standard models, is made of aluminum and consists of pneumatic rubber wheels. Thanks to the brake pedals on the push hands, it also provides comfort to the person pushing the patient. The support that provides the foot stands and backrest can be removed. This product, which provides easy transportation, is very practical, useful, and comfortable.

Aluminum ”Albatros” wheelchair This model, made of light aluminum, has been tested up to 120 kg. The armrests of this product, which also has a folding feature, can also be folded, the footrests can be removed, and the wheels can be easily removed and lifted by pressing the special button. Whether in your car, while traveling, or at home, it is a product that can be folded easily and make your life easier.

“Eagle” steel wheelchair This product, which provides a solid sitting and transfer with its steel body, also has a foldable feature, it also folds the armrests and the stand-up stand can be removed.