Össur Total 2000

Özgür Irmak Prosthetics and Orthotic Clinics provides Össur Total 2000 hydraulic knee joint application service for our above-knee prosthesis users. The transfemoral / knee disarticulation level is designed for amputated individuals and fast walkers.

Among the amputated individuals that we practice in our Özgür Irmak Prosthetics and Orthotic Clinics, there are prosthetic users of all ages and different levels of activity.

Total 2000 is a knee joint suitable for individuals up to 100 kg for above knee ampute. With the Total 2000 hydraulic knee joint, you can now bend your knee up to 160 degree. Prosthetic users can use for example traditional Turkish toilet (alaturka) with the advantage of bending the prosthetic knee joint 160 degrees with Total 2000.

The mechanical parts warranty period of Össur Total 2000 Prosthetic knee joint is 2 years.

Össur Total 2000 is a hydraulic knee joint consisting of polycentric design with geometric locking system, swing phase control with 3 – valve hydraulics, adjustable posture flexion, adjustable extension promoter.

In our clinic, which works as a prosthetic center with an agreement with the SOCIAL SECURITY INSTITUTION, TOTAL 2000 knee joint is actively paid a part of its price in the K3-K4 category to the SGK Members.