C-Leg 4 Above Knee Prosthetic Leg

High technology leg prosthesis system improves the quality of life. After an amputation, you want to make sure that you can continue your previous lifestyle as soon as possible. Freedom of movement is the basic element of an active and self-determined life. So you need a prosthetic system that provides a high level of safety in addition to maximum mobility.

The first fully microprocessor-controlled leg prosthesis system in the world, C-Leg adapts to your personal needs in real-time. In addition to greatly supporting natural walking, it also significantly reduces the risk of stumbling and falling. The C-Leg is automatically adjusted to your stride speed on slopes, uneven surfaces, or downstairs. Wireless remote control maximizes your independence. High technology leg prosthesis system improves the quality of life. The robust design of the C-Leg is suitable for a body weight of up to 136 kilograms.

C-Leg 4 microprocessor knees facilitate handling and compliance while providing an improved, more reliable patient experience using clinically proven technology.

  • Minimizes stumbling with its advanced feature
  • Can alternatively set the intuitive stance function at your request
  • C-Leg supports you when standing
  • More reliable when walking backward
  • Zorlu  Reliable standing and walking on difficult surfaces, stairs, ramps, and all-terrain
  • Programmable
  • Cockpit app lets you control the C-Leg directly using your smartphone
  • 2 color options

With C-Leg, you can leave yourself to the stumbling safety of C-Leg. In critical stumbling situations, you can continue to move faster again thanks to the impact damping feature. Thus, you prevent the risk of falling.

Thanks to its mechanical and electronic properties, the C-Leg has an optimal regulation feature of the swing phase. It allows more natural movement as well as the easier movement of the knee joint. Power and speed are measured 50 times per second, calculated and processed simultaneously like automatic and simultaneous.

Behind this is a complex sensor system that captures data in real-time and recognizes which phase of walking you are in, whether on level ground, going downstairs step-over-step, or on slopes – and now on difficult surfaces such as forest floor, sand and gravel as well. This makes the C-Leg one of the most reliable leg prosthesis systems available. Thanks to the prosthesis’s capacity to adjust itself, the user can also master small obstacles, unclear terrain or large crowds.

The functions of the joint can be adjusted to your needs. 3 different modes are available for different sports types. You can easily set these modes with the help of remote control. You can choose your C-Leg cover that suits your taste.