Össur Total 2100

Özgür Irmak Prosthetics and Orthotic Clinics provides Össur Total 2100 hydraulic knee joint application service for our above-knee prosthesis users.

Total Knee 2100 is a multi-center hydraulic knee joint with geometric locking system designed for fast ambulation, higher impact levels and heavier loads. Total 2100 knee joints are designed by taking the best features of 1900 and 2000 models. Total Knee 2100 provides active users higher stability, control and durability. Total Knee 2100 is a 3-phase hydraulic swing-controlled polysentric knee joint designed for the needs of more active amputes.



Adjustable posture flexion

Adjustable extension resistance

Useful for low height, long trans-femoral limbs or knee dysarticulation

30mm (13/16 “) pylon adaptability

High knee flexion angle up to 160 °