Harmony is an active suspension system. It provides a stronger connection of the leg prosthesis with the residual limb. Active vacuum systems such as Harmony pump almost all of the air out between the liner and the socket. The system is adapted to the user’s activity level and needs. In addition to providing the tight connection between the socket and the prosthesis, it also balances the volume of the residual limb.

Tight holding also positively affects the use of the prosthesis. The patient feels safer. It minimizes the feeling of falling. It passes rough areas more easily and easily. Harmony system P3 is available as a mechanical Harmony pump. It allows the vacuum pump to be regulated at each step depending on the step frequency and performance. The electronic E2 Harmony system keeps the vacuum in cycles continuously at the desired setting. Equally suitable for below-knee and above-knee amputations.

Harmony ensures that the prosthesis stays securely in place. Now the limb, liner, and socket form a unit and you gain control through full contact with the prosthesis. When your prosthetic foot touches the floor, you immediately feel it, which makes walking safer and more controlled for you.

Volume Management

You know that the volume of your limb can change during the day. Harmony prevents these volume fluctuations and your prosthesis always fits securely.

Small, Light, Quiet
The Harmony pump is small, lightweight, and very quiet, even during the pumping cycle.

Integrated shock absorption.

With the mechanical Harmony P3 pump, the function ring ensures comfortable shock absorption at every step. While allowing natural rotational movements that occur automatically while walking, the forces acting on the remaining limb during walking are significantly reduced.

Triton Compatibility

Triton Harmony carbon foot combines the high functionality of Triton feet with Harmony technology. Many users are convinced when combined with a smooth transition, an exceptional energy-saving energy return when walking with excellent energy, and an effective vacuum, even on rough terrain.