Mauch Knee Plus

Özgür Irmak PROSTHETICS and ORTHOTIC Clinic provides Össur Mauch Knee Plus knee joint application service for our above-knee prosthesis users.

Mauch Knee Plus has been developed to meet the needs of users who require a higher weight limit, based on the same advanced technology of Mauch Directory. A slightly different and more robust framework means that Mauch Knee Plus offers all the benefits of the standard Mauch Index to patients up to 166 kg.

For which individuals is it suitable?

  • Detect and actively control knee stability under changing conditions
  • Has the ability or potential to walk at varying speeds
  • Interest in advanced performance functions, such as natural staircase and ramp landing, running and / or cycling


  • Single axis hydraulic knee system (SNS®) with swing and stop control.
  • It is designed for very fast ambulation.
  • Ultra durable Aluminum frame.
  • Durability and safer movement.
  • 365lbs / 166kg weight limit.
  • Roller bearings and roller connection points on the knee axis for smooth movement.
  • Efficiency stop control.
  • Mode selector switch allows manual locking and free swing functions.
  • Universal 4 hole mounting models for versatile adapter options.
  • Top bracket option with through hole or threaded hole.
  • Low Swing Resistance kits and High Stop Resistance kits are also available.


Mauch knee plus index effect levels:


Daily activities that include the average walking with the ability to change the speed or way of walking.

Example: Going to shops, walking outdoors.


Daily activities including fast walking, jogging and climbing stairs.

Example: Heavy lifting, manual labor, entertainment sports.



Activities including running, athletics and running, running and long distance running.

Example: Athletics sports.