Genium Waterproof Prosthetic Knee Joint

Get your power back. Genium microprocessor prosthetic leg is quite simply the closest technology to physiological walking. Consider work, family, or leisure activities without having to think about your next step. If your active life requires more functionality, this is the system you need.

  • It provides controlled knee flexion at the first contact and prepares them for knee flexion at every step.

  • Increases shock absorption and provides a more comfortable equal step increase.

  • It manages slopes and rough terrain more easily and reduces compensatory movements.
  • It makes the swing phase start easily.

Intelligent knee flexion control with full surface contact between the prosthetic foot and the floor depends on the forces acting on the prosthesis. It allows you to safely advance uneven terrain and slopes. You can be less careful to check your prosthesis, you don’t have to think about continuous prosthesis steps and use it intuitively. It also reduces the effect of the foot in flexion, which reduces compensatory movements and therefore significantly reduces subsequent orthopedic problems.


You can take a shower, swim or work in wet conditions with the Genium X3: The choice of materials such as titanium, hard-anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and especially high-end coatings combined with sealed components protect the joint’s sensitive sensor technology and electronic components. Genium X3 is waterproof and impact resistant.

Instant Response

There are many situations in which the leg needs to respond spontaneously. When you cross the street, a car appears unexpectedly or you have children who can put you in unexpected situations. Genium X3 responds easily thanks to the operating model we are walking on. The transition from walking to running is perceived by the electronics within microseconds and the auto-adaptive joint reacts.

Doing sports

Whatever you demand from yourself in sports, it is compatible with all sports. It has been developed specially for sports activities. Its functions are adapted to running behavior and based on the natural model. For example, the increased maximum flexion angle of the knee joint required for running is taken into account.

Suitable for Daily Use

Walking slowly or fast, climbing stairs, passing obstacles with a natural movement, standing safely on the slopes or walking backward. Thanks to the latest computer, sensor, and control technology, Genium X3 intelligently responds to a variety of everyday situations. It even adapts to different shoe weights and clothes.

Proper Foot

Triton prosthetic feet are perfect for highly active users. The particularly robust Triton Heavy Duty has a high load capacity and is water and impact resistant.