Developments in prosthetic technologies promise a hopeful future for the arm amputee. BeBionic, which can be given as an example of these technological developments, removes the barriers for an amputee.

RSLSteeper from Great Britain has been striving to perfect the product since the day it introduced BeBionic in Leipzig, Germany in 2010. The company, which strives to increase the efficiency of the product by achieving very successful results, has developed the third version of the product.

Bionic hand prosthesis technology that can perform independent finger movements by imitating real hand movements; BeBionic hand…

Unlike existing myoelectrical controlled prostheses, this hand system, which can move fingers independently, can turn around the wrist and make wrist bending movement, can hold small volume sensitive things. Besides, BeBionic, which has a strong grip ability, can grip enough to crush beverage cans when needed.

Bionic hand, called BeBionic, developed in England with advanced engineering studies, sets a new standard of living for prosthetic users with upper extremity limb loss. BeBionic hand, which is a bionic engineering product, shows that the prosthesis user can do with his prosthesis many jobs that he can do with a solid hand.

Michelangelo Bionic Hand

Michelangelo® bionic hand in combination with Axon-Bus® software is the latest prosthetic hand module designed by Otto Bock, offering outstanding functionality and very natural hand design.

With its anatomical design and extraordinarily functional form, Michelangelo® bionic hand represents a completely future-oriented approach in hand prostheses with myoelectronic controlled motion. Thanks to the independent movement of 4 fingers and positionable thumb, Michelangelo® hand offers kinematic functionality never seen before. To achieve a natural movement, the bionic hand is equipped with two servo motors. The main motor is responsible for the opening and closing of the hand and the resistance grip. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger are accompanied by active movements, the ring finger and little finger accompany the movements passively. Versatile functionality offers the choice of grip in 7 different positions. The new technology also offers an anatomical resting position for moments when we are not using our hands, allowing a more natural appearance and movement thanks to the positionable wrist joint.

DynamicArm elbow prosthetic system

Above-elbow amputations are a special case because the functions of the elbow should be performed by the prosthesis as well as the functions of the hand. DynamicArm elbow joint allows you to perform your movements naturally thanks to its special technology. DynamicArm is controlled by signals from your muscles and operates with an electric motor. The DynamicArm control unit also transfers the muscle signals to the prosthetic hand and rotates the hand as well as opening and closing. You can also bend and twist DynamicArm…