Carbon Orthoses

Carbon is a very important element in almost all organic molecules in every moment of life. It is used in a wide range of combinations, from space research to the automotive industry, from the aircraft industry to the food industry. In the Orthosis-Prosthesis sector, AR&GE studies have been carried out widely to benefit from the strength and lightness of carbon in recent years.

As Özgür Prosthesis, we are pleased to offer an option that will make your life a little easier, as one of the companies that apply carbon lamination and prepreg technique with the training of our relevant personnel both domestically and abroad.

E-MAG Active Electronic Long Walk Device

It is the newest long walking orthosis design developed by Otto Bock. The main difference is that it locks the knee joint at the moments of need for walking.

We lock our knee joint biomechanically at the moments when walking is transferred to the ground. The process that starts with the heel contacts continues until the toe comes off the ground. Conventional devices completely restrict the movement of the joints both in the stance phase and the swing phase (Swing Phase). The complete restriction of joint movements causes both irregularity and disruption in walking rhythm and extra energy consumption.

Emag Active, on the other hand, detects load transfers at any time of the walk thanks to the special sensors it contains. When we do not put weight on the leg, it opens the knee joint lock and allows movement, and when it weighs, it detects it and restricts the movement of the knee joint.

Dafo orthosis following the neutral axes of the foot due to the open back of the supra malleolar region allows plantar and dorsiflexion movements. The ankle, due to its 3 axes; with small amounts of adduction and inversion flexion, abduction and eversion movement is accompanied by dorsiflexion. These small amounts of inversion and eversion are closely related to the balance strategies in the hip, pelvis, and trunk.

E-MAG Electronic Long Walk Device

E-MAG is one of the world’s first electronically controlled device joints developed by Otto Bock. E-MAG eliminates the insecurity experienced by many device users thanks to its electronically controlled lock mechanism. Its wireless remote control informs the user at any time through light, vibration or sound.To unlock the traditional device joints, the user must at least extend to the knee level. This is the most troublesome and risky moment for users. With the person bending, opening the joint quickly brings an unsafe position. In the E-MAG electronic device, the user does not need to bend or make extra efforts to open the joint. Pressing the button located on the device and at a point that can be easily accessed or opening the lock with its remote control both eliminates risky situations and provides great convenience to the user. The electronic joint notifies the user with vibration or warning sounds when it is locked or released.The electronic unit is powered by a 48-hour battery. In terms of battery life, it is recommended to charge it regularly every night.


Dynamic AFO includes features from the concept of providing energy storage and recycling from carbon fiber material under the name Flex-Foot of the world-famous Össur company. It is a strong, effective and extremely light solution for low foot problems.


  • Apart from Foot drop, Charcot Marie, M.S, different neurological causes, and mild knee instability
  • Contraindicated ankle-foot deformities, severe spasticity or intense edema
  • Recommended weight limit: max 120 kg


It is a new ankle orthosis (AFO) made of extremely lightweight carbon fiber composite material. Open heel structure provides optimum fit and comfort with different types of shoes. Its original and patented design does not prevent joint movements, allows for high-activity activities, has a strengthening effect in moments such as climbing stairs or climbing ramps.

  • Lightweight moldable carbon fiber composite
  • Open heel
  • Easily fit with shoes
  • High strength flexibility
  • A dynamic movement
  • Medial / Lateral stability
  • Allows daily activities


The front-supported structure prevents knee over-flexion and helps knee extensors. The flexible and thin foot both facilitates compatibility with the shoe and transforms the ground reaction it takes during the stance phase into a repulsive force in the push-off phase. It is produced with the Prepreg technique. It is extremely lightweight and also very durable. Indications;

  • Crouch Gait
  • Weak knee extensors
  • Irregular stance phase pattern


Walk On®, is ideally suited for patients with weakened dorsiflexion and helps them achieve the mobility required by daily life. It ensures that the foot is lifted while the leg is swinging and prevents the foot from falling and rubbing against the floor in the swing. The more effective way of walking increases the safety of walking in different rhythms and reduces the risk of stumbling and falling.

Walk On® is made of carbon fiber, light, and sturdy. Heel and back of the foot are flexible to provide more dynamic and natural walking. The energy stored in the heel hit is released when you push forward. In this way, you spend little energy to walk and go smoothly over long distances. The orthosis is light and thin, so it is worn undetected under clothing.


  • Weak Dorsiflexion
  • Peroneal Paralysis