“Amplitude” portable bed CE-marked cots complying with European standards have been produced by Herdegen for 15 years at home for patient care. All of our beds are manufactured in France and equipped with high-quality Linak motors. Our beds are easily folded and delivered to the patient’s home. It is designed with a scissors mechanism and equipped with 2 or 3 motors.

Electric Intensive Care Bed
  • Head tip, foot tip, height, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg settings are adjusted with 4 electric motors and hand control
  • Manual toe reversal V position
  • Detachable ABS heads
  • Detachable ABS bed platform
  • Lockable handrails with shock absorber supported under the bed. · Membrane keypad is optional for side railings.
  • 4 lockable wheels
  • Electrostatic chitons painted metal parts · Minimum height 45 cm (without bearing)
  • Maximum height 74 cm (without bed) · 100 * 216 cm from outside to outside
  • Bed platform 90 * 190 cm
  • Battery-powered power box
  • CPR Mechanism

“Amplitude” portable bed transport trolley Carrying aid system for new portable beds. This new product, which has 2 international patents, allows you to easily disassemble your bed and move it to another room without using any tools.

“Amplitude” Bed Boards It is designed as MDF or wood. Easily pluggable panels give normal bed air.

Patient transport lift Our beds are designed with special positions to fit the hoist crane. With a maximum carrying capacity of 75 kg, the holding height of the crane can be adjusted.

Side rails Our product, designed against the risk of possible falls, allows you to easily pull up, block, and sleep reliably. Universal chrome, Lateral folding, or Wooden lateral designed, you can get our handrails according to the bed and the color of your furniture.